Mexico is the only country that I’ve been to outside of America. There are many other places I want to go, but since this is a place I’ve visited multiple times, I figured I’d just describe my different experiences here. My family has taken a few different cruises to the west coast of Mexico, and one on the east coast. Because I’ve only been there on cruise vacations, the only places I have experienced have been very touristy. Cozumel was my favorite out of all the places I’ve been because of the beautiful water. You could see straight through it, to all the fish and coral beneath the surface. We just did a little shopping right on the shore. Another Mexico visit I really enjoyed was in Progreso, Mexico. This was the only place that we actually got to tour and see a lot more of the city instead of just staying near the shore. It was fun to experience Mexico, the culture and history, but I am more than thankful to be an American!Image

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    I am glad you had to join the blogging world!

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