Love is more than a four letter word.

With Valentines Day approaching this week, love is in the air! Everywhere we go-candy, flowers, love notes, plenty of reasons for businesses to make more money. Why do we celebrate a holiday about love? Shouldn’t we love more than one day of the year? Love is more than expressing to someone how you feel about them. Love is an action. You can’t expect someone to believe you when you say ‘I love you’ if you never show them why. Love is putting someone else before yourself. Showing, instead of telling, how important they are to you. Although I don’t have a boyfriend, I am feeling loved today more than ever! My dad took a day off work, flew two states away to visit me at college, just to remind me this Valentines Day how important I am to him. My dad could’ve have just called and told me he loved me, but he went out of his way to show me how important I was to him. THAT is how I know he loves me. Happy Valentines Day!

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One Response to Love is more than a four letter word.

  1. Suzy Skatell says:

    You are wise beyond your years Kelli. Great blog.

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