Love in the Workplace

As a college student, I do have a job, but it is not a job that I want to do forever. It is specifically a job to help pay my way through college with no possible way of making it a career. Sometimes, it can be hard to show love towards my co-workers, my manager, or even the owner if something happens that I do not agree with. I am an at-will employee, so I could quit, or be fired at any time. It can get challenging to love the people that you work among. A lot of things happen at work that you wouldn’t ever have to deal with an any other type of friendship. Sometimes I am forced to be the bad guy, because I am a shift leader, for the sake of the business, being professional, and making money. Likewise, sometimes my manager has to be the bad guy to me, when I start to act up, and put me back in my place. This is where it is important to respect your co-workers; you may not agree with them, but you do love them, and therefore it is easier to respect decisions that they make. 

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One Response to Love in the Workplace

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