I’m here!

I have now been at Carolina Creek for almost two weeks-but it feels like a month! Coming on as leadership this summer has looked a lot different than my experience last summer, but it has been incredible so far.

I have a bible study group of fifteen girls (which is big! A normal number is around eight) so that was a bit overwhelming. But, I am so blessed to have made a connection with each of them somehow. I have been blessed with the best and God is already doing a work in these girls lives. Here’s a story of how awesome they are! 🙂 We were playing a night game last week where all the leadership team went and hid in the woods while the rest of the bible study had to link arms and go find their leader and bring them back. When they had said go, my bible study stayed on the pavilion. It turned out that one girl had a disability and physically could not see at night and it terrified her-but the group refused to leave without her. So after some tears and encouragement, the girl finally agreed to go as long as they helped her along. It was so incredible to see the way these girls love! They built a lot of trust with her that night which was much needed. We’ve been bonding and still have another week of training to do!

Please be praying for my team as we are all running ninety to nothin right now and they are currently going through lifeguard training. Pray for me as I get to lead these awesome girls that God would use me in ways I can’t even fathom! 

I apologize if this doesn’t make sense-I’m sleep deprieved and trying to hurry but wanted to update everyone! Thank you for all the encouragement-love you all!!


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