A New Generation

Do you remember the time when you passed notes in class? When all your phone did was call your friend, or maybe send them a short text? What about back when you couldn’t be on the Internet and the landline at the same time? What is a landline anyway?? Our world has come so far since the invention of the typewriter; and to think-our technology is only getting more and more advanced.
With the passing years and the updating of technology all around us, we realize that everything around us is evolving as well. The way that we interact with one another, the way we do homework or take notes in class, even the content of what we are learning is constantly evolving.
The truth is, times have changed. Constantly I think of, “What would it be like to work for a company that had no Internet?” The thought of Internet is so second nature to us, that it is hard to imagine how a corporation would have once functioned without it! With technology advancing, there is a ton of new ways to use that kind of technology for the benefit of your business.
Social Media is a huge part of this more recent part of technology. Within the past ten years, marketers have realized the power of the Internet, and how that can be used to their advantage.
Let’s take me as an example. I am in my third year of college as a marketing major. What I love more than anything (which is true of most college students) is staying in touch with my friends and family via social networking (Twitter and Instagram being my favorite.) It is an easy and quick way to stay connected without having to call or text 200+ “followers” telling them all about your day!
“Study Breaks College Media” is a blog where I found some statistics about how many college students are on different types of social media. Today I am just going to focus on two-Twitter and Instagram. According to this website, 80% of college students are using Twitter, and 73% are using Instagram.
From a future marketer’s perspective, let’s analyze what the best options are to do here. If I am marketing a company, I want to meet my consumer where they are. And if my target market just happens to be college aged students, social media looks like a great place to meet them! On this same website, you can find all kinds of statistics about the time of day, and how often these young adults use their social media.
Listen to this example of how well you can get your brand out to many different consumers, just with the use of Twitter. On Twitter, there is a limit of writing only 140 characters for each post. Figuratively, let’s tweet something out and see what happens.
Our tweet reads: “If you retweet this, you will be entered into a drawing for a $50 gift card! The winner will be decided after 100 retweets!”
If you can’t see what I did there, I just got my brand out to plenty of different Twitter users-who doesn’t like free gift cards!? If this gets retweeted 100 times, and each of those Twitter users has 100 followers each (which is a low number of followers), 10,000 people just saw your brand! And all for just the price of $50-that’s the cheapest marketing I have heard of in a long time!
EMBRACE the new technology that is all around us, and use it to your company’s advantage-new customers are waiting!

Viner, S, ;Social Media Statistics: How College Students Are Using Social NetworkingFebruary ;2014 ; Available from: http://studybreakscollegemedia.com/2014/social-media-statistics-how-college-students-are-using-social-networking/ (Accessed September 2014 ).

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One Response to A New Generation

  1. Katarina Valenzuela says:

    Wow! Definitely some great insight here!! It’s clear that it’s vital for marketer to reach your audience and technology has become a medium that must be used in the most resourceful way. I love your Twitter example as well– we sometimes neglect to realize and recognize the power that a retweet has! You have some great resources, and I hope that the marketers of today use these and use them well.

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