Marketing through Story Telling

It was that time of year again. That time when you knew all year long when you were asked this question, you were going to know exactly what to say. You had seen things throughout the year, that you wanted; that you stored in the back of your mind waiting for the day that mom and dad were going to ask you. For me, today was the day for that question.

“What do you want for Christmas this year?”

I knew it! I knew the second that they asked; I was going to have a blank stare on my face, just like every year before. As a child I never had the issue of trying to decide what I wanted, life was so simple back then! Whether it was a new Barbie, some kind of cookbook (I use to think I was going into the business of culinary), or I’d even be happy with new clothes-since most of my clothes ended up being hand me downs from my sister. But lucky for me, I have parents who know me better than I know myself.

I have one brother and one sister who are both older than me. We are all within three years of each other, so we were in the same stage of life most of the time growing up. My sister and I fought a lot, and my brother would just wait for us to stop so we could all play together. My brother being the oldest was always so chill, and almost never picked a fight with us-something I admire to this day.

Our Christmas traditions were different than many other peoples. My family is not one to have a ton of traditions, but around Christmas, we always knew what to expect. Christmas Eve we would all go to the Christmas Eve service at church together. Afterwards, we would drive around the neighborhood looking at all the Christmas lights that were hung (this was the torturous part because we just wanted to open presents!). We would finally get home to eat dinner-which was always a Chick-Fil-A nugget catered tray, and Red Lobster shrimp. To this day, I’m still not sure how that tradition came to be, but it’s one I’ve known my whole life! From there, we would be opening presents. My family opened all but one of our presents on Christmas Eve. The one present that we didn’t open Christmas Eve, was our “Santa gift”.

Our Santa gift started, as we were young and still believed in Santa. Although, I’m twenty and still call it a Santa gift….anyway. We always looked forward to this gift-it usually was our most expensive, or the one gift we really wanted.

This particular year, I was in second grade, and I remember Christmas like it was yesterday! My brother, sister, and I got a collective Santa gift this year. What could it be? Our parents had put together a scavenger hunt for us to go find it-we were so excited! We read our clue, and traveled to a couple different locations around the house, until finally, we got the last clue.

At the time, we had lived in San Antonio, Texas. It had iced over the night before, and almost looked like snow on the ground, when it was really just ice. We read the last clue, and it led us to our backyard. There we found a trampoline. Back at this time, it was the coolest present that none of us had even asked for. We ran out, in our pajamas, on the iced over trampoline, and jumped together while our parents marveled at how happy we were. It was the best Christmas present I’ve ever received. It was so great because for me, it was more about the memory of jumping together with my siblings, and my parents staying up all night to put it together for us to have the next morning, than it ever was about the object.

Cool story, right? What if you were watching this, as a commercial-as a parent, is this kind of experience you would want to give your chi For me, yes! And that would be the art of story telling through marketing. Did you realize this whole story was an advertisement for a trampoline? The best marketing campaigns are when the consumer doesn’t even know they’re being marketed.

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3 Responses to Marketing through Story Telling

  1. Kelli,
    I love that you told THIS story! 1) because asking people what they want for Christmas tells a lot about a person. 2) you did a wonderful job tell portraying this scene.

  2. Lauren Davis says:

    This was such a clever campaign. I love the way that you placed a soliloquy of your own life to market an item that children often ask for as a gift. These kinds of commercials draw in many audiences because no matter what the item is, if it is at all interesting, their eyes and ears will be fixed on the audio video until it is over.

  3. Sabrina LeMay says:

    I could definitely see this as a commercial! It has the appeal for memories and emotions for both adults and children that are excited about Christmas. You have also given me an amazing idea for a scavenger hunt for Christmas for my children! Thank you 😀

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