Social Marketing

One of the newest ways that marketers are making themselves known is through the use of social marketing. Social marketing is a technique marketers are using in order to form a sense of community for their consumers. A big way of noticing this trend is through television nowadays. How you ever noticed when you’re watching a show, there will appear a faint hashtag in the corner of the screen? This is a technique that is becoming more and more common and technology continues to advanced.

Twitter has grown significantly within the past couple of years, and is becoming one of the best ways for companies, celebrities, and organizations to connect with society. Hashtags are the newest phenomenal that is revolutionizing the way we use social media. Instead of just connecting with other people via social media sites, we can now find ways to connect to other people about a subject, event, or just a trending topic through the use of hashtags.

We have all been in a situation where we have been separated from the ones that we love. This is unfortunately, but is completely normal at this day in age. One way that marketers want to bring people together and form a community, is through the use of these hashtags. This makes it possible to interact with others who are experiencing the same show, having the same frustration with something, or fangirling together about the latest One Direction CD. This is creating a community for users, and is helping people connect not only to each other, but also to the organization in a way they might not normally.

So where do we see this social marketing going? What is next for the future of interacting with consumers? A marketer not only want product awareness for their company, but also customer relations.

What if TV shows decided to start casting for shows via the Internet? Instead of holding a casting call, they asked viewers who they would think would make a show even more successful.

What if anything you saw on the TV, you could instantly purchase? If you followed a hashtag of a show, you could instantly find links to things that were worn, displayed, or even music that was played during that episode.

What if consumers had the power to change the course of a television show, or the decision made for a product? What if you got to pick the next flavor of Lays chips that would be sold(which by they way Frito Lay has actually been doing this, and been pretty successful at it too!)?

People like to have control. Whether that is control of getting to wear whatever they want to work, or whether that is deciding the direction that their favorite show is going to take. The more us as marketers listen to what the consumers want, and give them a voice, I think the more surprised we will be with the success of our products and company overall in the future.

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One Response to Social Marketing

  1. bkpayne says:

    I really like this post, as a matter of fact I was watching a football gam earlier and the whole time they were showing the hashtag, #NOVSDAL. If you looked on Twitter on that hashtag you could see that everyone was talking about the game and what everyone was thinking. I find it really awesome how everything can be collaborated under one single hashtag! collaboration gets people talking!

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