What Are You Passionate About?

How would you define a passion? The dictionary.com definition reads “any powerful or compelling emotion or feeling, as love or hate.” Therefore you can have a passion for something that makes you upset, or something you love. But my definition of passion, is something that you feel is worth fighting for. It is in these passions that shows what is important to us, where we see ourselves going in life, and what kind of change we want to see in the community.

But when it comes to change, many people are not comfortable with that word, and all that it entails. We all get comfortable in our day-to-day lives; get up, go to work/school, come home, relax, hang with friends…even in our daily routine there is a sense of consistency. I believe this is where we begin to be stagnant, and standing out doesn’t even occur to us. We live in a lazy generation-everything we’ve ever wanted is right in front of us with the push of a button. So why go out of our way to make a difference? Isn’t just posting about it on social media for our friends and family to see, to grow awareness, enough?

Through a class I am currently taking about social media marketing, we focus on how social media can be used for your company. We always talk about new ways to use social media that the average joe might not know about. It is all very useful information, and is really going to be something that I will be using once I begin my career out of college. But a new perspective that we talked about this week in class, was when is enough, enough? Yes, social media can be very beneficial, and it’s brilliant to meet your consumers where they are-on social media 24/7. But when do we become classified as stagnant in what we are passionate about? Yeah, so I shared an article about something that really interested me. I even commented on it to tell people how passionate I am about it and to spread the word! But is that enough?

In our world today, social media becomes who we are. It is all about how many friends we have on Facebook, how many likes we get on pictures we post on Instagram, how many followers we have on Twitter; when is it that we come out from behind the computer screen and really start speaking about what we are passionate about? I’m guilty of it too!

I am passionate about youth ministry. I am a Christian, and I have always felt called to show others the love of Christ-whether that be through day-to-day conversations and actions, or even sharing the gospel with them-that is something that I am passionate about. But it wasn’t until the summer after my freshman year of college that passion really came to life for me. I went to work at a summer camp, and it changed my life. Going three months without a phone besides six hours a week, sleeping on average six hours a night, and only having off time about six hours a week, my focus really begin to shift. It was then that I realized what I had been missing out on back at school-life. I felt more in touch with people than I ever had with a cell phone in my hand. I learned how to really listen to people, how to ask the right questions, and how much people desire your full attention when interacting with them.

It was in these three months that I found my passion. Not only my passion, but my touch back into the real world. Social media is not a bad thing, it’s all about balance. How much time do you spend online talking about your passion, and how much time do you actually spend with people living it out? Check out this video and feel inspired to put down the cell phone a little bit more.

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One Response to What Are You Passionate About?

  1. bkpayne says:

    I love this post! I actually have seen this commercial over the internet the last couple of weeks and find it very moving, the message it sends to just put down the phone and live our lives in one of the strongest messages I have ever heard!

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