Infographics: Much More Than a Picture

Marketing in the 21st century has new challenges. But along with new challenges, also comes new opportunities. The advancement of today’s technology has been so impressive that we can barely keep up! But it has been able to help businesses advance and grow in almost every area, including marketing.

One challenge that marketers have is trying to appeal to consumers. Although this may seem easy, it is rather challenging. Yes, you have a product that is going to ROCK the world of those who your target market is! But then the question becomes, how are they going to know about this life-altering product? That seems to be the challenge that stumps so many marketers in today’s society. You have to create something that is going to grab attention, at just the right time, and that doesn’t take too much time to process.

We are known to be people who are busy, always going; constantly doing something. With advancing technology, we also live in a day in age where we want everything instantly. And if it’s not instant, we’d rather just go without it. Interesting fact- did you know that in some cultures, there is this atmosphere of “we will start whenever everyone gets here.” How many times have we staying in the Starbucks line for two minutes and thought the world was going to end? That’s a conversation for another day, back to what I had to say….

With an instant atmosphere, marketers need to develop something that catches the consumer, and is not a lot to read. There’s a reason why one of the most popular social medias is a community of messages that are all abbreviated to 140 characters. The solution to this problem is infographics.

Infographics is a highly effective way to advertise. Everyone likes pretty pictures over a full page of text to read! But how do you make an effective infographic? There are three key components: design, information and illustration. An infographic is not something that can just be thrown together and classified as an ‘infographic’. It takes planning on what information it is that you are trying to communicate. That is where you design the graphic, and add an illustration.

While looking for information on the Internet to share about this topic, I came across this blog that our professor had shared with us. One of the most interesting facts listed on this blog is that 200% more images are liked on Facebook over text. What a significant number to prove just how important infographics are!


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One Response to Infographics: Much More Than a Picture

  1. katbeth93 says:

    I agree Kelli, the biggest struggle is figuring out how to market that “big” product to consumers. Marketers must be able to market it well for others to buy it.

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