Hashtag Hashbrown

The key to marketing is meeting consumers where they are. And where are they exactly? What is trending in their personal life’s right now? It’s always interesting to me. As a twenty year old college student, I think of what’s important to me right now. Having fun, building friendships that last a lifetime, and learning how to live in the moment. Can you guess what I love even more than that? Sharing it with all my friends and family via social media. Social media has replaced those hour long phone calls of “What’s going on in your life?”. Now, we post about it and instantly everyone we’re connected with will know the latest of what we’re doing.

But you know what I have noticed more on social networking now more than ever? The use of memes. Meme, what is that!? According to dictionary.com, a meme is “a cultural item in the form of an image, video, phrase, etc., that is spread via the Internet and often altered in a creative or humorous way.” If you’ve been on the Internet within the last year, you have most likely seen a meme, whether you realize it or not!

Image memes are the most common. Clever sayings, usually humorous. Hashtag Hashbrown is one of my personal favorites!


But what does all of this meme talk mean for business? Or even marketing in general? Let’s look at some companies who have joined consumers where they are, and joined in on this trend of memes.


This is one billboard that is embracing the popularity of memes. ‘Success Kid’ is a meme that people use when accomplishing something, or having success. Virgin Mobile uses it well in this photo to advertise getting HD channels at no extra cost.

Here is an example of a video meme:

Again, this one brings humor, and the ever so popular keyboard cat to their meme inspiration. This is a very popular cat, and Pistachios did a really great job of placing their product in the view the whole time that the cat was playing the keyboard.

One thing that I have found interesting, is the importance of images in the cultural that we are in today. Writing about infographics last week, and memes this week, I am now not surprised that Instagram became so popular! Images have become a huge part of marketing because we as consumers are very visual people.

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2 Responses to Hashtag Hashbrown

  1. Kelli, I think you’re absolutely right. Memes are taking the Internet by storm. I personally like watching vines, and I remember seeing the first sponsored one. I thought it was a great marketing opportunity, but this one felt forced. And if there is something people don’t like it’s thinking that their are being force-fed something. So it is a useful tactic, but don’t come off as desperately trying to reach a younger audience, it’s a step backward.

  2. Joy Watson says:

    I like how you said that as marketers we must meet people where they are. I think that embracing social media and trends such as memes is a huge part of that. When consumers feel like companies are on the same level as them then it helps them feel a connection to the company.

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