Effective Use of a Business Social Network

There is nothing worse than when you want to complain or compliment a product, and no one is around to receive it! I have experienced this multiple times and it can be extremely frustrating. Companies always talk about wanting the consumers opinions in order to improve or know what is already working, but how do we know that our voice is being heard?

In an article read on mediabistro.com, the statistics are scary-only one out of every six social media messages that are being sent to brands, are getting responses.

This is a huge issue! It is very crucial that companies realize the importance of social media in today’s society. Most people realize how much influence it has on people, but most of the time companies struggle with seeing how this can benefit their business. Every brand should desire to have a personal connection with their market-that’s the key to selling themselves. So how is it that five out of six messages are not being answered by corporations?

Which arises another question: is it really significantly hurting their brand if they do not respond? YES, it is! I personally have tweeted to two different companies because I was geniunely curious, or had a legitament concern. And neither time did I get a response! I lost a lot of respect for those two organizations through that. In one scenario, I literally asked a question, and heard nothing back. It was completely frustrating!

Should how should a company use social media? Post all the time, constantly respond to people, or post a little at a time? The best way to approach social media on a professional platform is to have a content calendar. A content calendar is scheduling out when you are going to share what content with your consumers. This is a key part to social media marketing for a few reasons.

1. You don’t want to clutter your consumers timeline. There is nothing that people hate more than seeing the same company or person pop up in their timeline over and over again. If you are posting too much, or sharing content too much, your consumers will most likely get annoyed and unfollow you. At that point, what could have been a possible customer, now is not aware of what is going on with your company anymore.

2. You want to be able to offer a variety of content. Without it being on a calendar, it is to repeat the same thing over and over which is not being helpful to your target audience. It is a way to stay organized, and if for some reason you are sharing the content publishing with someone else or a team, it is a good way for everyone to stay on the same page.

3. Although content calendars are important, you want to still be able to leave some wiggle room for what I like to call ‘spontaneous posts’. These are posts reserved for new content that comes up, that you want to be able to be a leader on! Sharing content first before others builds your reputation. So use a calendar, but also be able to be flexible!

There is so much that falls under social media marketing, that companies usually do not realize the magnitude of how much time it will take to use effective. And for this reason, many companies are not using social media to it’s full potential. To businesses now and for those who want to be successful in the biggest media platform, social networks, know this: hire some who strictly does social media marketing. You aren’t using your social media to its full potential until you have someone who focuses only on that. I’m currently looking for a part time job if you need some help getting started!

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One Response to Effective Use of a Business Social Network

  1. Joy Watson says:

    I agree that the interaction between consumers and companies is so very important!! I think one example I had of this was that this past weekend I tweeted at Twitter an issue and they never even favorited the tweet. I was shocked considering that I feel like they should be on top of it on their own social media platform.

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