A Career in Pinteresting!?

Who loves Pinterst?! Maybe a better question is, who doesn’t love Pinterest!? I know for me personally, I try to stay away from this website for the very reason of: I’m going to get sucked in. Sucked in to what you ask? Wanting to cook, wanting to craft, planning my dream wedding, shopping for and purchasing my new wardrobe, gathering furniture for my future home, and sometimes even making my Christmas wish list! Pinterest seems like a website that is all about the community of consumers. With the idea of pinning what other people post to your own boards, so that you one day can look back and try it out also! With this idea of consumer community, how exactly can a business get involved with this high trending website?

Like I have said in the past, it is important for a company to meet consumers where they are. For that very reason, organizations should be jumping right in the middle of all this buzz of Pinterest! There is so much that a company can do to show consumers that they are staying up to date with all of the trends. A company could start a board about anything and if they are using Pinterest to the best of their abilities, could be very effective.

What I would like to see companies’ start doing on Pinterest is becoming more engaged when their products show up as pins. There has been multiple times that I have seen a picture of something I want, and there just happens to be no link attached to the image! This is the most frustrating part of Pinterest when I am trying to shop. With the use of image recognition technology, I think there is no reason why a company should not know when this happens with one of their products.

A company could categorize boards by whatever it is that is going on at the time. For instance, Christmas boards, fall boards, summertime boards…and from there, you could have different subthemes within each board.

For each season, you could have products to purchase, things to do, crafts to make, gifts to give, and the list goes on and on!

The best part of Pinterest, is that you become a victim of the snowball effect…which is so great!!! The snowball effect is one somebody sees something, and passes it along to all of their friends, and if someone else sees it who is interested, they also pass it along. Before you know it, you have people across the globe looking at what YOU are doing on Pinterest!

Being apart of the Pinterest community may seem like a silly waste of time, but this is one of those little pieces that piece together you’re greater marketing desire: for people to purchase what YOU have to offer. What consumers want is a relationship. And by being apart of the Pinterest community, you are building just that-community. They don’t feel like you are trying to sell something to them, but just that you are another user who pins awesome stuff.

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One Response to A Career in Pinteresting!?

  1. Kelli,
    This really great post. I honestly had never thought about Pinteresting as a career but it sounds like a lot of fun! SIGN ME UP! In all seriousness why not? People make a career out of YouTube, Vine and Blogging why not Pinterest.

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