A New Generation

Do you remember the time when you passed notes in class? When all your phone did was call your friend, or maybe send them a short text? What about back when you couldn’t be on the Internet and the landline at the same time? What is a landline anyway?? Our world has come so far since the invention of the typewriter; and to think-our technology is only getting more and more advanced.
With the passing years and the updating of technology all around us, we realize that everything around us is evolving as well. The way that we interact with one another, the way we do homework or take notes in class, even the content of what we are learning is constantly evolving.
The truth is, times have changed. Constantly I think of, “What would it be like to work for a company that had no Internet?” The thought of Internet is so second nature to us, that it is hard to imagine how a corporation would have once functioned without it! With technology advancing, there is a ton of new ways to use that kind of technology for the benefit of your business.
Social Media is a huge part of this more recent part of technology. Within the past ten years, marketers have realized the power of the Internet, and how that can be used to their advantage.
Let’s take me as an example. I am in my third year of college as a marketing major. What I love more than anything (which is true of most college students) is staying in touch with my friends and family via social networking (Twitter and Instagram being my favorite.) It is an easy and quick way to stay connected without having to call or text 200+ “followers” telling them all about your day!
“Study Breaks College Media” is a blog where I found some statistics about how many college students are on different types of social media. Today I am just going to focus on two-Twitter and Instagram. According to this website, 80% of college students are using Twitter, and 73% are using Instagram.
From a future marketer’s perspective, let’s analyze what the best options are to do here. If I am marketing a company, I want to meet my consumer where they are. And if my target market just happens to be college aged students, social media looks like a great place to meet them! On this same website, you can find all kinds of statistics about the time of day, and how often these young adults use their social media.
Listen to this example of how well you can get your brand out to many different consumers, just with the use of Twitter. On Twitter, there is a limit of writing only 140 characters for each post. Figuratively, let’s tweet something out and see what happens.
Our tweet reads: “If you retweet this, you will be entered into a drawing for a $50 gift card! The winner will be decided after 100 retweets!”
If you can’t see what I did there, I just got my brand out to plenty of different Twitter users-who doesn’t like free gift cards!? If this gets retweeted 100 times, and each of those Twitter users has 100 followers each (which is a low number of followers), 10,000 people just saw your brand! And all for just the price of $50-that’s the cheapest marketing I have heard of in a long time!
EMBRACE the new technology that is all around us, and use it to your company’s advantage-new customers are waiting!

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Protected: Camp in full swing!

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I’m here!

I have now been at Carolina Creek for almost two weeks-but it feels like a month! Coming on as leadership this summer has looked a lot different than my experience last summer, but it has been incredible so far.

I have a bible study group of fifteen girls (which is big! A normal number is around eight) so that was a bit overwhelming. But, I am so blessed to have made a connection with each of them somehow. I have been blessed with the best and God is already doing a work in these girls lives. Here’s a story of how awesome they are! 🙂 We were playing a night game last week where all the leadership team went and hid in the woods while the rest of the bible study had to link arms and go find their leader and bring them back. When they had said go, my bible study stayed on the pavilion. It turned out that one girl had a disability and physically could not see at night and it terrified her-but the group refused to leave without her. So after some tears and encouragement, the girl finally agreed to go as long as they helped her along. It was so incredible to see the way these girls love! They built a lot of trust with her that night which was much needed. We’ve been bonding and still have another week of training to do!

Please be praying for my team as we are all running ninety to nothin right now and they are currently going through lifeguard training. Pray for me as I get to lead these awesome girls that God would use me in ways I can’t even fathom! 

I apologize if this doesn’t make sense-I’m sleep deprieved and trying to hurry but wanted to update everyone! Thank you for all the encouragement-love you all!!


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Stagnant Faith

Around November/December of last year, I specifically remember praying for something radical to happen in my life. I felt very stagnant in my faith and I specifically remember saying “even if it’s something hard, give me something. Because I don’t want to be stagnant.”

Since then has been a roller coaster of negativity trying to bring me down! I’ve had a very intense emotional battle that resulted in friendships being broken, people getting hurt, and a very helpless Kelli. I knew God was going to use this time of pain and suffering for His glory, but there were plenty of times when I was trying to figure out where He was. Why He was letting me be in pain. Every day was a battle, and I felt defeated at the end of every day. Through this difficult time, I was blessed with family and friends who always encouraged me with their words and actions and never once gave up on me-even when I pushed them away.

This has been an ongoing battle since the beginning of the semester, and just this past week God has put all of the pieces together for me. I was asked to be on leadership at a christian camp this summer(the same one that I worked for last summer) on Tuesday. Camp was not even on my radar this summer, but God has made it very evident that this is where I belong for the next three months. Also this week, I got news that I will be co-director for my schools annual revival next year! Getting this position is such an honor, and I was completely shocked. I applied because I knew it was something I wanted to do, but in no way shape or form did I think I would actually get it. I did not feel qualified at all, but again, God has made it very evident this is apart of His plan. 

This leadership position at camp is going to be coaching other counselors, so that they may witness to the thousands of kids that are going to be coming to Carolina Creek Christian Camp this summer. A stagnant Christian can’t lead other Christians-or else we will all end up as stagnant as the next. Same with revival. A Christian leader has to have passion, and a fire for Christ, because it’s contagious. God knew that I needed a dire situation that was just gonna shake me to my core and set me on fire in order to lead fellow Christians. 

I’m writing this completely overwhelmed by what God is doing in my life right now. I’m nervous, and a little afraid of all this responsibility He’s put on my plate, but I also know He’s not finished with me yet. He’s still going to mold me and teach me, and give me situations that make me feel helpless in order to fully rely on Him. 

My departure date for camp is May 11th-so soon! Please pray for this transition and my role at camp this summer. 



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I Love Texas!

Do you love the great state of Texas? Well, these guys and gals apparently do! Watch this and learn all the reasons why they love Texas. Me, I love Texas because Texas is God’s country!!

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Carter The Church Assistant

If you’ve never experienced these short videos, you are missing out! This is the first of a series of videos used for a youth camp one summer in 2007. They are very funny and cute in representing a job in the church that does whatever he can to help. Watch it and you’ll love it like I do!

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The Story of Love

With my blog being about love, I found it only fitting to tell about the greatest love story of all. This is a twenty minute video, so it is pretty long. But it is very well put together and greatly shows the love the Father has for us. The sacrifice God gave by sending His son to die on the cross, is the ultimate sacrifice.

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Lovely Sacrifice

With Easter this weekend, it is hard to not think about all that Jesus did for us. The meaning of Easter is endless; from realizing the amount of God’s love for us, to seeing Jesus die on the cross. But of course, you can’t forget about His resurrection! 

When I think about the person that I love most here on this earth, which would probably be my little nephew, the thought of dying for him is hard. Our natural instinct as humans is to survive. 

Not only did Jesus die for us, but he went through tons of reticule, beating, whippings, and much more pain than just dying. There is no greater sacrifice than when God gave His son, so that we could have eternal life. Because of Jesus going through all of this, we don’t have to be afraid to die. I know that I will live forever in paradise, all because of the greatest love shown to me by Jesus Christ.

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Fall in LUV with sparkles!

A girls best friend is sparkles, and glitter. What good girl doesn’t LUV shiny things!?! Sparkles are the one thing that adds a little pop, and personality to a girls outfit. There are also many options as to what kind of sparkles you can wear. Anything from shirts, to leggings, to head bands, to nail polish, shoes, and anything else you could ever dream up! My favorite kind of sparkles are purple and gold. I love the school I go to, and therefore love to support the crusaders by wearing purple and gold sparkles!

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You wanna know about me?

There is so much to learn about me! It’s hard to know how a person is just by a blog writing…but I will do my best! My name is Kelli, and I am about to be nineteen years old! I was born in San Antonio, Texas and moved to Casa Grande, Arizona in the middle of my fourth grade year. I am the baby in my family, with a brother and sister both older than me. My brother is about to graduate in May from Arizona State University in Aviation Management and Air traffic control. My sister is to give birth to her second son any day now! My parents are still happily married after twenty four years, and our whole family is very close. I graduated from high school in December of 2011 from an online public Arizona high school called Primavera Online High School. I then did online community college for a semester before starting at UMHB in the fall of 2012. I have loved being at UMHB, and am excited about where God is continuing to take me!

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