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This video entitled “Love Contracts explained in the workplace” talks about something that I have never heard of before today. Dating in the workplace is something that will always be happening no matter how much a business tries to avoid it. People spend a good majority of their time at work, therefore building relationships with the people they have to be around all day. In this case, it is only common sense that someone somewhere in the company is going to want to date someone else. I had never heard of love contracts before today, but I believe that they are a brilliant idea. I don’t think its fair for a company to limit people from who they can date, even if it is within the same company. That is where I believe that these contracts are a good idea. They protect the company from possibly getting sued if a break up goes sour, and the company can somehow be blamed for sexual harassment. Also, in the contract there should be something about still being professional at work. It is not professional to be performing public displays of affection at work, even if you are dating. I think love contracts are a good idea in order to give employees free reign to date whoever they’d like within the company, without the business being screwed over in the end.


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